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This includes:  Adjusting the gears and brakes, inspecting all the bearings, quick true of the wheels, pump up the tyres, check all nuts and bolts, lubrication.

Complete changing of the fluid and bleeding the system, re-adjusting the brake and inspecting / replacing the pads. (pads extra)

Bicycle service and repairs price guide

Inspecting of all parts and replacing as necessary, adjusting and lubricating.



For general enquiries or


to book cycle repairs...


Tel. 01206 563890


9am - 5.30pm



General service - £39.50

Wheel straightening - £17.00

Hydraulic brake bleed - £22.00

Standard brake adjust - £13.00

Truing, tensioning and dishing of the wheel.

Gear adjust - £14.00

Lubricating and adjusting, setting up mech, fit wire (wire not included).

Puncture repair - from £10



Plus inner tube (most £5-7)

For more specific / complex jobs please enquire in store.


Full restoration work undertaken with over 70 years of experience.

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